MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Jupiter in Libra: One year of expansion!

A few days ago, September, 9,  Jupiter entered in Libra and it will stay there until October, 10 2017! It will be a fun year, so lets take advantage of this fresh vibes! They came here to make us happy!
This is great news: Jupiter is what we call the lucky planet and being in Libra means we have a lot of abundance and general expansive energies! Its up to us, but the energies are surely easily available.
This month has been hard, considering the Mercury retrograde and all the energies of these eclipses phase; So this is great news to all of us. Lets find the hope and the faith within and tune with the right energies.
When Jupiter moves to a different sign, it gives us the opportunity to start planning new ideas,so this is the right moment to connect with this shift of change and uplift of this astral marriage. Be positive and dream, plant your ideas through this new beginning!
This connection is awesome both personally and collectively so think abut your connections and also new ones you want to make.
All partnerships are to feel the positiveness, abundance is emphasized and it is not time for lonely journeys.
Depending on your chart there are areas where you can work these energies better, however you can easily tune with this uplifting connection by looking at your life needs: think about the relationships you have, the abundance you want and which areas on your life you feel need expansion… dont forget that ultimately everything is connected and all areas of your life can bring positive outcome, of all sorts, to what you might think is a different area
Its also a very.empowering energy as it connects us to love due to Venus which is the planet that rules Libra. This is the planet of love, generally speaking and as you tune with love, you tune with better connections on your life… see? all is connected. Its all about balance and high vibrations. That is what brings the expansion you need to work on the seeds you want to see growing and later on, brings you the abundance you want.

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Jupiter in Libra: One year of expansion!

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