MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) My Equinox ritual for abundance

The pre-equinox is a perfect time to start tuning with the fall and all the positiveness coming our way! What is expected from us is to clear the negative patterns related to the old, preparing all parts of ourselves and finally opening to receive the new!
As we do this ritual we are simply reminding ourselves that that work is being done and each daily practice can help us tune more with the sublime energies of the equinox we are working within. Whatever we do it has to raise our vibration, always! that is the secret!
Each day get a small piece of rosemary, any kind of lavender or eucalyptus. If you still cant use any of these plants you can try a rose or any flower as flowers have all properties that help you on this ritual. A white, silver, golden, blue or pink candle, a quartz crystal of any kind, a small ball with water; it can be a coffee cup, and a small cup with soil.
Find a place in one of your rooms, where you can set an altar with the things i told you previously. The water must be changed each day and the candle as well. The soil only needs to be changed twice a week. The flower should be changed each time you feel, because it shouldnt be rotten. It would be perfect if you can do the altar when you are a home and in a place where you can look at it several times. You can always prepare it on a big plate so you can transport it to different rooms.
Each day,prepare the altar and focus on you for a bit. Close your eyes, align first with yourself, then with nature and the cosmos. Light the candle and ask your divine guides to help you clean old patterns and old things you want to change on your life, thank them and offer them that candle with love. Then hold the cup of soil between your hands and ask mother earth to help you energizing you and all parts of yourself so you can be ready for new creations. Them grab the cup of water and set your intentions for the months to come, feel all the pleasure as if things are already here, because truth is they are because you are a creator. The flower or branch will be merged in the water and the crystal on the soil, after the intentions were made.
Do this ritual during seven days. Its important to say that this ritual can even be done all days of the year. Rituals are just a way of dealing with energies and focusing better. Enjoy!


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) My Equinox ritual for abundance

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