The collective mass ascension on Gaia

Our planet Earth is so beautiful! We softly call Her Mother Gaia… Because She is alive and Her collective consciousness is Divine Feminine. These soft energies will guide us at this time now, it means Mothers energies of unconditional Love, healing, compassion.

After Cosmic Night era, where we been traveling and getting experience of duality for thousands of linear years, many Human souls get hurted, offended, stock into their own illusions of separateness.form Divine Source and from others. Vibrations came down so low, that we loose planetary energies of Kundalini, self healing energies, connection and grounding with Mother Gaia.
At this time we need so urgently healing, transforming all past, that is still keep us in darkness and separateness of our mind state. We have to open our Hearts for unconditional Love and Compassion, release past, old paradigms, that is not serve us anymore, make a space for New Divine energies.
For self healing and connection with Gaia first thing we need, is GROUNDING with the New Magnetic Crystalline Grid and Magnetic Crystalline Core or Sacred Heart of Mother Gaia.
Second important thing is stop judging others, situations in our present reality, even ourselves. All that destructiveness is just creating more vibrations of destructiveness in our daily reality with thoughts, words, sound vibrations and deeds.
Third important thing is start live Conscious life, it means to get responsibility about our creating vibrations, thoughts, words and deeds. Help to our planet Earth, Mother Gaia, to clean our HOME, where we are living, care about other Kingdoms of Gaia, STOP ANY WARS OR MILITARY CONFLICTS, stop produce non needed things, stop poisoning our air and soil, stop cut the trees, stop killing animals, stop building non needed factories, etc.
Fourth important thing is to help others to get healed, cared and loved all that provide Divine Feminine New energies of unconditional Love.
We are here to change it dear Angels of Gaia, AN GEL means Essence of Light and Unconditional Love, also means Help without delay. It is very High Duty to be an Angel, Angel of beloved Mother Gaia. Blessed is those who understand responsibility, care of others. This is Divine character, this part of Christ Conscious.
WE are here to help each other, WE are here to help Mother Gaia! YOU are here ALL for Her CALL OF HELP, nobody is without invite.
Blessed be everyone! And blessed is those who already is doing hard daily work to helping others, to helping Mother Gaia in any way you can! Thank You dear Angels for Your work You do! You are so loved! And so it is.

Author: Sandris Sneibe

The collective mass ascension on Gaia

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