The sign of infinity in the space

Twin Soul reunion

At these times of ascension, we see immense twin flames reuniting. It is necessary that these reunions take place so souls finalize their ascension. Twin souls do the final healing and growth together! After so much they have done separately, it is time to share with the other half of the self; To do so… twins must share what they have gone through and also be open to receive the other half`s experience. As they open completely they have to understand that as opposite energies of the same being, the sharing they will receive is totally different than expected!
This being said, matters to say that you must connect with your twin with NO expectations what so ever! expect only the un-expectable, the opposite,the weird, the abyss… that is your opposite energy, and that is what you need now to finalize your journey of growth, consciousness and awareness! through accepting what ever he/she has to offer you, you will see the world through different eyes… you will question everything, even what took you so long and so many tears to learn!
Understand that twin soul love is not a fairy tale! it is a real thing, more real than all you lived through all thousands of lives incarnated on this planet! he/she is what you do not want to see about yourself! he/she is the other side of you, he/she went through the same things in a different way… and he/she was also feeling alone, was also lost, finding a way home to you! because only together the world makes sense!
the same openness i ask from you, i ask from your other half! do not think how you want him/her to look like, do not wait for him/her, do not wish for him/her to come fast to you! while you are not together in flesh please work on you in all ways! make a wish for him/her to be growing and learning, awakening and gaining real consciousness! Bless the relationships he/she is having now, for that is his/her training to better respect, love, accept and honor you!
You can only meet him/her when you both are ready for the learning process together! so send lots of love and light, connect spiritually with him/her so you both can start the healing through a cleansing together of all chakras and auras. But do not rush the reunion.
The ones that already met the twin keep being open, understanding, breath his/her knowledge and wisdom. Every thing you are seeing now is a result of a lonely journey and the will to share it with you must be nurture and understood; he/she has so much to tell you about, so much to cry for on your shoulder and so much to hear from you that you are so very proud of his/her work through all the thousands and years learning to walk the path back to this reunion!

Twin Soul reunion

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