Until we love ourselves, the world will be always wrong

Sentences like: “I want to go somewhere where nobody knows my name”, “im sad but is ok”…
We keep complicating our existence considering others around us, whether because we follow them, thinking we must so we get approved or because we can`t stand them. Why can`t we stand them? because we cant stand ourselves! if we do not resonate with them, we must always keep loving them but at the same time we have to clear our and their space, for we cannot poison our field and we have no right to poison others field just because we live in anger.
Yes! because if you are at peace you don`t feel that angry or annoyed, you just leave and find something to do that you enjoy!
I bet if you are alone in a place no one can hear you, you still do not shout or scream. You are to lazy and when the opportunity comes you do not take it! We humans are lazy special when comes to give our selves freedom in anyway! if you cannot avoid them, at least find your own center, peace and love inside of you so you do not get in the state in which you hate everyone and blame everyone for your own life.
Start having positive thoughts, knowing that you are the creator of your own reality, one way or the other. start acknowledging that you created the surroundings you see. Emanate light and higher vibrations or you will always get those things you hate. but to do so you need to find those vibrations inside and then live your life according to what you want to be and have. This is the way for your creative self to start pumping ideas and plans into your conscious self. And that`s the beginning of your new life.
You think there are any solutions for your misery! You have chosen negativity, self pity. That is the annoying thing! you are not living! The is no soft way to say these things, believe me! Love yourself to the point that you want to live, really live. respect yourself to the point you do not accept defeat ! Enhance a dialogue with your lower self and do not accept any excuses what so ever to keep living in anger. You are a loving being and the universe will keep showing to you what you do not accept volunteerly.
What ever you send out that is what you receive in return. Decide once and for all what is you want to be, and whatever you decide do not blast the world with your negative emotions. Everyone is doing the best to live happy, to create, to build, to laugh, to live in harmony with others. Life is a eternal lesson through which the mirrors around us help us to grow and to become shining candles. We shine within feeling the amazing essence of live, others see it and that is the beginning of a connection that makes life worth living on this planet. We have all been there where you are now, but being loving is being a mirror; this mirror is telling you –  no self pity anymore, go and find your self within and then LIVE!


Until we love ourselves, the world will be always wrong

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