Engage with the abundance of light on 2017

I observe many things through what i call “rainbow spectacles”. Regarding this year of 2017 i see it orange and blue. The blue relates to this millennium and the orange to the year it self. The blue this year is very bright which i consider to be a great sign: protection, strength, divine will and purpose. The orange of 2017 represents: JOY, DIVINE PURPOSE, WILL, ENTHUSIASM, FULFILLMENT, SERVICE. For the ones ready to fully work their mission, this is an excellent year. For others that still feel the need to clear things within, this year can be great as the energies are all about the Divine. They will keep coming, pure and strong and can help us purge and re-qualify ourselves to what ever frequency we want to be vibrating at.

One thing is certain: the light will be stunning! You might have received the same info from others, and it is so! the density of light on earth will increase immensely and that is to be used on all our daily life, in order to make changes both personally and collectively. Spirituality isnt a special moment with which you connect for an hour or so, spirituality is a way of life and we balance all wisdom, energy connections and love with everything on this world. that is the goal! we do not aim for stepping out of here, we aim for making this here better, joyful, free!
Each time a “bad” moment comes to your life, do not see it as a bad situation, see it as a transformational need. Something isnt yet clear within you, otherwise you wouldnt go through it! every thing is a reflection of ourselves and we often think we have done the work, that we have shifted enough to not have hard experiences, but things around us show us that we still are living with patterns we thought we had put aside already; but… life is experience and that is what we came here to do (mostly) because we have chosen this place to grow, to experience life as it is here! look at all situations differently. What can i see through what is happening? what is life showing to me? which is the same as: what is me trying to tell me?
Ask yourself to give you signs or even to tell you STOP! each time you are repeating behaviors you do not wish to do anymore; you will see that a voice will come at the right moment! Trusting ourselves, engaging communication with our true self is fabulous and anyone can do it.
This awesome light density will show to us along the year THE WAY! we are very stubborn and it s very difficult to really make changes from within; we rather watch things change outside not needing to re-arrange things inside. but that cant happen! we must be brave enough to open to the messages the universe is giving us, loving ourselves enough to say: okay! okay! i really need to look at how i live my life, not judging me but loving myself much more, so i look for whats best for me, really the best… for whats best for me would certainly makes the difference for all that is!

What ever your gender, age, sex, way of life, country… it doesnt matter! and do not compare yourself and your life to others, because we all have different experiences, challenges, soul plans, wishes, dreams, paths… so, just engage with the energy of 2017, make your life true, abundant, rich of light and love, go for it! live gratefully and consciously!




Engage with the abundance of light on 2017

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