Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness

This Full Moon in Cancer is a challenging one! Although its a Cancer Full Moon it is, in fact, happening on Gemini Constellation, more specifically on the twin stars Pollux and Castor. This makes this event, all about opposite energies. The twin stars represent them selves the conflict, the anger and constant disagreement.
These two brothers have lived in conflict and war since… forever… and they still battle! they are complete opposites and they fight the inner battle which reflects all our inner battles and consequently is manifested in the world`s reality through all conflicts between brothers… for we are all brothers! nations, tribes, families…
The simple fact of this being a Cancer Full Moon is also showing us opposites, because Moon in Cancer pull us inside of ourselves. But the Sun in Capricorn pushes us to work the outside world! Cancer is looking for security in its inner temple and Capricorn wants to build this temple by manifesting and maneuvering external energies.
Another aspect happening is the Grand Cross of this Full Moon, here we have, with this square, more opposite energies: the Sun is opposite the Moon (that is what a full moon is) – this aspect gives us a very sensitive and emotional moment in opposite to the mind, the material opposing the intuitive, the male opposing the female, the quiet opposing the energetic will. This can give us a hard time in all kinds of relationships. ~ Jupiter is opposite to Uranus – Everything that is being upsetting you lately can be very difficult to handle. Impulsive reactions towards somethings that you can usually control and tolerate!
We have stunning connections balancing all these polarities!!! Pluto, for example… is helping us transforming, transmuting, rebuild! Saturn comes to help us analyze what goes on at each moment, brings wisdom and peace.
During the next few days, all we need is calm, trust. Know that at all moments you can relax, breath and not react! know that this is the first Moon this year and it is a great momentum because this is showing us the way to deal with ourselves in order to gain respect! respect for others, for life, for what we still do not understand or do not enjoy. This is the beginning of a journey through which we are acknowledging we do not live alone, we have to connect with our purest heart, gratefulness and unconditional love.
Transforming each moment into a best moment, each decision into a bright possibility and each action into a peaceful future. We are becoming butterflies!

Cancer Full Moon & Grand Cross ~ Polarities expanding our consciousness

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