The Earth Meditation for Spring Equinox


The Earth Meditation for Spring Equinox

We are approaching the equinox which will takes us to a different level on earth energies. The universe is to combine with earth to exacerbate life itself on this realm of continuous mutation and cycles
As the need for grounding is more exacerbated than ever and as the energies will be felt stronger as the climax of nature is being prepared when the equinox starts, i feel this meditation of earth embodiment will help us all to ground on Gaia, to connect with magic, to understand what life is and to prepare ourselves to merge with all that is when the spring celebration comes.

First lets refresh our memory and remind ourselves the importance of grounding and connecting. Find at the end of this blog how to do it the right way.


Find a cozy, comfortable place and close your eyes. Connect with your breathing and relax. Take your time. Visualize yourself siting on a fresh, greenly grass (even if you do this meditation on a garden do this visualization, if you will). that grass carpet is around your body and extends itself above to the sky until it touches the divine sun with all its powerful grace. Near you there is a plant. let your intuition guide you and don`t force any kind of plant, let it flow to you. I want you to merge with the plant and embody a leaf. bring your awareness to that leaf. if it helps imagine a light that goes out of your body enters the plant; that light is a part of you that knows how to do it. i want you to know what is like to be a leaf, a part of a plant. How does it feel? do you think? how is your awareness of life while being there? From that leaf you can go to a flower. look for a flower on that plant and go there. feel how it is like to be a flower. take the time you need to do this exercise.
When this part of the meditation is felt to be enough, thank the plant, the leaf and the flower and go back to your body. After coming back to yourself, visualize you standing up and walking barefoot on the grass, until you reach a little stream of water. Do the same exercise above merging with water. After the water go to the grass and merge with the wind, letting it dry you and take you to its own world of flowing energy. After this one walk to a cabana made of wood and stones, get inside and you will find a cozy fire place. there you see small sticks of wood, chose one and connect with it; what does it feel like touching fire and not feeling pain? feeling warm energy and peace while being transmuted to the cosmos and not losing one self? Go back to a chair and regain your full energy. Start breathing slowly and regain full awareness of your body calmly.
Take all the time you need at each phase and do not forget to get back your energy after each experience. You can energize yourself at the end by receiving a stream of light from source.Take notes of this exercise and write what you have experienced through merging the self with the several energies.
I hope you enjoy it and see better how bonded and similar our energy is with earth. Much love and light.

Get in touch with yourself. All your parts. Be whole, fully you. Recognize you as a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. Feel yourself as the loving, divine, complete and loving being of pure light. Feel the strongest love for yourself; feel trust, self worth, confidence, strength, wisdom and intuition. You know you can accomplish everything you want, you have all the powers within you to be a sovereign, free and whole and enlightened being.
Connecting to heart is vital to have a balanced connection with your supra self and with the divine energies. That connection puts you in a place of security among the realms of the etheric energy. The best way is to spend time in nature, by feeling it… feeling and touching trees and ground. However you can do it by using the KUNDALINI PRACTICE, which gives you a full ground base and a connection with the above light energies. You do it through visualization, closing your eyes and visualizing your kundalini, as a chord coming out of your root chakra and spreading into the earth as trees roots. Keep it that way and concentrate now your other end of the kundalini going up and spinning around all the chakras until it reaches the upper chakra = the crown chakra.
Then connect a beam of light that comes from above and enters your crown chakra and fills down all your chakras, the kundalini and all your body. The color of that beam of light is to be white, yellow, gold or silver and very bright.
Stand straight, or visualize yourself doing it; your feet are on the ground and you see it as a soil fertile and strong. You are straight, your eyes are looking at the horizon (you can imagine the most beautiful horizon in front of you) and everything is perfect and beautiful. You do not bend, swing, fluctuate, oscillate or hesitate. You feel yourself having all your powers, abilities; you know you are aware, conscious of everything within and around you, you are ready to be you fully and completely.
You see yourself now being full of light! Now, imagine you are inside a bubble or a pyramid! What we are doing now is building a boundary so you do not lose your own energy, making you in charge of yourself in all ways including the invisible parts of your being. You are inside the bubble or the pyramind of light! Nothing and no one can take your light from you. be mindful about it. If you want you can ask for the protection of your angels, you can ask the protection of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and his blue ray; as you do this make the pyramid turn into a transparent blue color. The reason I tell you to ask for protection a the end of the exercise is because you now did your part of the work, respecting the universal divine laws: remember, you can do everything! You have that power!
(excerpt of Maria`s book: “BE THE RAINBOW! – NOW YOU CAN FLY!”)


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