March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins

A new season starts, a new astrological year begins. I find three words to describe this SPRING equinox: REBIRTH, POWER, EVOLUTION. However i must tell you that stability will not be achieve at this season due to the huge amount of energies being transformed, transmuted on earth. Probably the work we have been done for the last years is been shown in such a way that stability has no place yet. So if you feel you are being asked a lot from the universe, remember: you did that! you were able to bring those challenges to yourself. The same will be happening to the ones that live on the southern hemisphere, although this will be express on a subconscious level which might be felt strange and demanding but is part of a inner growth and expansion.
To the northern hemisphere we enter spring and the southern hemisphere is going to experience a new autumn. Either way, this is a new phase that will reflect the work we have done during the last year.
For the southern hemisphere beings, this is all about starting a journey within and use the Aries energy and fire warrior soul to unfold the inner layers so the essence that is ready to come to the surface can be properly looked at and transformed into new seeds. Going inside needs a lot of courage! You need the right energy to do that. What is what you want is what you must ask yourself during this phase. What fears can you deal with so you can prepare yourself to perceive your soul`s journey. Going within is finding what the new you is. New you`s are constantly being born due to your ascension process, your growth and healing. So meet the you at this moment to prepare the reality which will reflect your self.
The northern hemisphere beings are ready now to see the flowers of what they have planted during the last two seasons. The spring brings out what you have worked silently and lovingly. Nothing better than Aries energy to begin the manifestation of your dreams. the fierce, energetic Aries! THE BEGINNER.
What is that you want? You had time to figured that out! you had spent your energy finding ideas and seeding plans. Your goals are ready to be seen. Your future is at hand. But… you still have a lot of work ahead, plants must be care of and some must be planted somewhere else so they can grow. looking for parasite herbs and taking them out of your garden is indispensable so you do not waste energy on things that might kill your crops. The hardest season is spring! but must be seen as a pleasant work, not something you wish you wouldn`t do.
Now you are thinking… what does this has to do with spirituality? right! well…. spirituality is nothing but being the best version of you! The moment you separate spirituality from your daily life, you get it all wrong.
Celestial portals are working directly with earth`s energy and what you came here to do is nothing but being able to connect your biological vessel to your higher self, using a conscious “body” to do so.
Higher frequencies will be at our disposal more and more as we do our non-stop inner work. The receptivity to those higher frequencies depends on the acknowledgment of what is inside and around us. The eternal alchemy of earth`s power, the etheric magic of constant rising energies, our personal field… this is the TRIAD for ascension and happiness.

March Equinox ~ A new cycle begins

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