9.9 Portal


9.9 Portal

9.9 portal of earth consciousness to empower your mission

September,9 2016 is represented by the divine number 9.9! This day is itself a message to all light workers, to all loving beings stationed on Earth at this phase. A calling to our mission!
This number remind us about the laws this universe is ruled by; those rules that inevitable we use to perceive our goals of freedom! Those rules we connect with and follow. those rules that we try to understand and vibrate at, so we understand who and what we are.
A phase is ended and thanks to all the work we have been done. We have been working the huge amounts of light energy and use it to spread the words of love. Each personal growth is being achieved tremendously and now we are being prepared for another light phase.
The ascension is harmonic and always continuing. It is done through levels of consciousness. At each level the ones awaken can grow more on their self awareness and new others awake! Its a continuous spiral of light that gets stronger and bigger every time! This process of personal and collective growth into light is proportional to the amount of light our planet receives. As Gaia is able to receive and accumulate more light, so do each of us. That is how it influences the collective ascension.
At a personal level the message is that, as a phase ended, you will be able to see new things settle in your life. Things that you have been working for a long time are coming to manifest. It is a time of closure and the dawn for a totally different set of plans for you. So, do not worry, just open and let things happen, trust that you were the one who brought your new life and have faith you have done a awesome job! From now on, as you see things changing start focusing and create again bigger dreams!
It is all about your soul purpose and also the collective soul purpose. Therefore the same will be seen at the collective by watching that things go up a level of awareness, commitment and spiritual work. as things we have been working fall into place, new things are starting to be created by all of us and events, one by one will show that inner soul collective aspirations.
The spiral of ascension always goes up! never has a break, and the same happens to each of us.
Let yourself express what you became and keep dreaming a new life, for a new step of this never ending mountain of light and love has the most amazing miracles waiting! we just need to tune with the laws of this fabulous universe we live in! the etheric field on earth has been growing the amount of light so we can all use it on our assistance and mission. Continue your path,you have been doing great!

Join us tomorrow on the 9.9 meditation:
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ABELHO ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseantunes.wordpress.com/contact/

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