Are you just breathing?

Are you Just breathing and calling it a life? Or are you living but having trouble breathing? Tell me, are you dismissing breathing so you can “live”? Or you don’t even noticed you need to breath? You didn’t even noticed you CAN breath? Or you never noticed you OUGHT to live?
Listen I could go on and on about what ever theories regarding what’s going on right now In the world, but I like it profound, useful, deep, truthfull and worth while my breathing and neuron work. This year is the beginning of the future. Previously was just the preparation essays. This is it!
We are finally paying for the quality of the air we breath, all of us, specially the ones worrying to much, which we must accept, not judged nor criticize.
Start remembering some films and tell me if all of that is fiction or warnings…
In the future, as we can see in those films, rebels, nature lovers exist for those are the ones who remember these last moments we can still enjoy.
The future is starting and is up to all of us to BREATH! Do you understand? Do you see I’m not talking about racism? You acknowledge I’m talking about all of us being puppets?
I ask from all of you to start ask, every single day, for the best version of yourselves to be ever present, so you can be far more better than today, than yesterday, so you can understand others better, not judged, not separate, not give them what they want.
If this is just the beginning its up to all of us to improve in all our capacities, all our intuitive intelligence, all our energy of the hearth.
It’s now we start really our mission and that will be shown through every single action and felling and thought we will have from now on.
I ask you BREATH = THINK = FEEL = GO! Be your best version! That’s why you came here! Much love to you all. We are all on this together, never feel alone.
Maria José Abelho Antunes

Contact me at for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach or issues/ problems in your life.

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