Regain balance

Simple tools of light-workers

Here are simple exercises you can do just by stopping your routine a few minutes in order to regain balance from the lower surrounding energies or even from doubts and sadness within.
The whole world is living a harsh moment and here we are, so connected we cannot pull back from all these events easily.
Events happen globaly and the truth is we feel more in sintony with the collective. The harmonic heart we all share can drain us, pull us down just because we feel everything and everyone.
We really need to find some minutes to gather sublime information, find peace, trusting love, regain faith and be able to move on with conviction.
Visualization is a powerfull tool to use on this path. It works with the energy of imagination which is a high frequency. If you believe it, it works, just like faith.
Its important to find balance between all parts of yourself, therefore if you feel disturbed or unbalanced, just stop!
Find your ground place by visualizing your feet in the ground full of light as they connect with the planet. Vou will probably feel a tingling sensation proving you are being grounded. Even if you are doing it on an apartment make sure you visualize your feet touching earth ground, thats the visualization Power.
Visualize your whole body inside a bubble of light. Theres a been of light coming from above, entering your crown chakra, going down your body, filling all parts with love, peace and security.

Ad a sweet pink or peach colour to the exercise and breath slowly. Imagine beautiful smells surrounding you.
In case of doubts and lost of faith in your path, look within for your divine consciousness. It is located inside your heart and it has a tremendous amount of light. Talk with that part of yourself, it will help you bringing peace back.
You can visualize a flame of warm light growing inside your heart. Keep it steady until you feel better. Then let it grow and grow spreading to the whole body.
To help globaly find time for a longer meditation visualizing the planet, giving it love. Imagine lots os candles burning all over the planet. Imagine people being happy, give them rainbows of divine light. Imagine a gigantic rainbow spinning around the planet energizing and healing.

You are divine. Let love be with you always. Trust! You are never alone.

Maria José Abelho Antunes
Regression therapist & metaphysics healer

Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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