Unity and Energy

The laws of the universe, spirituality and world events

As i study the laws of the universe i realise this is far more interesting than we might think. The laws of the universe show how the universe make reality, how we can use those laws the right way to manifest desires. However we can understand the big picture of the message it contains and how we can look at it with a higher perspective.

Those laws work with energy which influences matter, we are also matter with consciousness thats why we can be controlled or decide to stand up and be the owner of our own self! Specially due to the events happening lately, my message goes further and wants to show you how we came here and how we can change it by using energy on behalf of our cause = the light mission of changing the world into a better, loving and free to all beings!

The Law of attraction consists of several laws which can help us understand how the universe works, how it influences our life here on Gaia and how differently we are taught to understand the “physical reality” in which we live. Why not to use those same laws to bring to all the world exactly we we want to ourselves?

The ones in control use very well those laws of energy as they have no problem getting what they want! And they surely do not have doubts! We should start paying attention to them and understand what we are missing… I think we are not believing in ourselves!

The Laws of consciousness, color, economy, sex, balance and other laws, as we are able to make the bridge between what we thought was true to where we want to vibrate at, which is the higher version of ourselves, we can be empowered by looking at the rules we so much want to understand. We want to manifest but whatever works at a personal level also influences the collective. That is what we must start using more often!

By having a different picture of who we are, what we can be and where we live (which is the universe and not just a planet…) we can understand better what is being made to us, what have we allowed to happen to all of us and what can we do differently to achieve sovereignty and freedom!

We are all responsible for the world we live in, we are, also, the ones who can change it! Everything we are, all we do has a higher influence on everything! we create the world, so what is we do want to create?!

Now you ask me: if we are not able to create personal changes, how can we change the world? – We are not being able to do nothing because we are still doubting about ourselves and we are still not recognizing us as a strong collective force! thats why!

That is what really needs to be changed, we must change, we must be more united, more strong and trust in ourselves, the whole ourselves, the whole, the one, the heart within.

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

Image credit: ameblo.jp

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