The first Spring!

Life, sun, Growth, Joy!

This celebration honors the continuation of life, the rise of the sun, the growth of food and the joy of spring.

In Europe, throughout history, this time of the year was deeply celebrated. February represents the middle of winter, days get longer, some flowers start blooming, fields start getting cultivated. People get motivated and feel motivated as spring approaches.

Energetically is a very positive month. In Gaelic is called Imbolc and used to be celebrated with rituals and dances. On south of Europe we used to celebrate with bonfires, dances, tricks, masks and impressive outfits. Men used to surprise the community with dances and rituals while using colorful and imaginative dressing.

These pagan ceremonies intend to bring a time of happiness and joy. Nowadays neo-pagans keep celebrating ancient rituals as a tool to honor the ancestors and connect with the earth and divine energies.

Specially on these hard times we are all living, connecting to millennial memories is an excellent way of renewal our commitment to ourselves. We get inspired by nature and the magic of the sacredness within all there is.

Find a few moments during this month to connect more with nature and find out what rituals might attract you. Journal, making an altar with branches, flowers and rocks, meditating near a bonfire, talking to nature, huging trees, looking for ancient recipes to cook. And do those things alone or in the company of special ones.

Remember, everything you do must be sacred, meaning, everything you chose is to be inspirational, give you hope, peace, joy, confidence and unconditional love and acceptance. Be that being who never gives up, who never loses that sparkle of divine beauty inside.

Forget about enlightenment. Sit down and listen to the wind singing in your veins. Feel the love, the longing, and the fear in your bones. Open your heart to who you are, right now. Not who you’d like to be, but the being right here before you, inside you, around you. All of you is holy. You’re already more than whatever you can know. Breathe out, look in, let go.

John Welwood



Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

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Image credit: portuguese stone circle

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