Oracle of the week

Oracle of the week 5.10 to 5.16

What our Guides say AGAIN: “Believe in yourself”

The message is the same as last week. Looks like we have to keep working on our inner trust, inner love and raising our vibratory frequency to grow and materialize whatever is needed to us at this time.

In my opinion the last Full Moon really messed up things within. And that happened because things must somehow change, transform, move, re-align, heal… in order to go further on our path.

When we take to much appreciation on our comfort zone, whatever that is, things can start asking for change, even if change is a little drop in the vast ocean of our existence. So, let`s pay attention during next week to our vibratory state.

Listen, sometimes change is something so simple like we being able to stop our “mental diarrhea”, It can really be messy. Why? Because if we believe in our thoughts truly, instead of just letting them be for what they are, which is: just thoughts, we can start living an horrible routine because we, instead of just being aware of thoughts, we start believing them, we start living them!

Last week message:

Trust in yourself brings a vibratory frequency, to your body and aura, which everyone notices. Even if they don’t know what this is about, the truth is, they’re sensitive to the energy you emanated.

For example, in case you are dealing with a task not believing that you are really capable of realizing it or having doubts, others capture that energy and, it may be the case that you are not sufficiently valued for your work and effort, because you do not transmit to your actions and to everything around you, the confidence and naturalness of those who know what they do.

Fear, stress, insecurity, dissatisfaction are always noticed by others. Even if you try not to show it, you won’t be able to stop others from feeling it because you’re vibrating in that negative way.

The more you vibrate at low frequencies, the more negativity you attract to your life. On the contrary, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, it will also be transmitted out of you and you may attract better situations or people.

Keep in mind that there will always be challenges and obstacles. For even though eventually, we are able to have a positive thought and behavior, there will always be external factors that will displease us.

However, it is essential to train a positive attitude towards ourselves, so that we can attract as many pleasant situations as possible and also be healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, since everything is interconnected in us.

Next week asks you to talk more to yourself for greater self-esteem, confidence and inner joy. Everything will be better, inside and outside you.

It really is okay

for there to be times

when you stop

putting everyone else first

and just do what`s best for you

Tracey Leigh


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