Oracle of the week #8

Oracle of the week 6.21 to 6.27

What our Guides say: “It doesn`t matter”

It doesn`t matter what others think about your life or about you, what the world think you should or shouldn`t do or be. All external pressures will only make you pressure yourself and that is bad for you, for all parts of yourself.

You may not fit, so what? You are not the only one, believe me. You better start seeing that although you feel alone throughout your journey, you are in fact part of a large group. Each time you feel any kind of pressure just remember this, it helps.

You are an individual and that, for itself, makes your individuality worthy because there is no one like you. That is what matters! You are unique just like everyone else. It is your job to make sure you “fight” for your beliefs, projects and desires.

Of course you can learn from others but you can also teach, because we all have things to receive and things to give. We are not alone, everyone matters, we all are connected and we owe respect to one another.

To change is natural but it has to come from yourself, not from others demand. You must always follow your essence and others job is to encourage you to be your true self.

When we feel pressure from outside, from others, we analyze it, we scrutiny everything but we do it keeping in mind we are the ultimate controller of everything in our life. and if we still feel our way is the best way to respect our self, so that is what we must do! And the rest doesn`t matter, it just doesn`t matter!

Have a great week!


Our souls are dancers to God; born to dance to God they must enjoy beauty in its perfection. When we forget that dance in our absorption in earthly joys we neglect the duties for which we are created. Every soul is purposed to dance.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

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