Oracle of the week #9

What our Guides say: “Time to be still”

There are phases to be still. This is one of them. You see, sometimes is better to let things be, to let them go to the universe. Why? When we get to anxious about something and we wait and wait creating a lot of tension, things get harder to unfold. This happens because you are holding on to the energy of whatever you want to create instead of letting things be free to manifest and that can create blocks and stop the magic.

That is what vibration does: be careful how you are vibrating as it can create or not. You are a vibratory being creating your reality and depending of the frequency you are able to vibrate, you can create a better reality for yourself and others.

Look at your life now, can you understand it was created by you previously? You are living exactly a copy of what you vibrated before. That is why we say: live in the present moment, because as you live life fully things are unfolding in another reality preparing themselves to be shown to you. You make a wish, work to create it and let it go.

One of the worst things we can do is think about time, how long is this taking; how much more do i have to wait to receive this and that; it`s been a year so far and i`m still waiting; This is not how we should behave regarding our wishes and projects. Time is a human construction and each time we think about how long things are taking we block our creation because as far as vibration is concerned, time is a minor frequency which works with other negative frequencies such as disappointment, fear, insecurity, etc.

It doesn`t matter how long things take, let it be. Specially this week. There will be good moments to work fast and push things, they always come to us. Let`s enjoy life with love and peace.

“Unless you are aware of how precious it is, you can hardly be said to be living at all.”

Frederick Buechner


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