Oracle of the week #10

What our Guides say: “Change your feelings”

Change your feelings to love

It`s time to change your feelings towards others or someone in particular. the feelings that others inspire you can damage you because negative feelings reflect themselves on our physical body as diseases.

Disappointment, rage, sadness… can all be transmuted. As you are aware of what you are allowing yourself to feel, you can change it into love.

No one is connected to you randomly. Others come to your life for a reason. There are lessons to be learned, patterns to be changed, growth to be done. Challenges can be transmuted, changed because you have that power!

Maybe it`s time to deeply think about certain situations and beings in your life. Why do i have this person in my family? why this colleague? why this friend? what are they showing me? How can i improve myself? is there something in me such as fear or low self-esteem which i need to work on? can i use outside situations to improve myself and my life?

Do you really need to let your life be polluted in such a way? wouldn`t it be better to stop giving so much negative energy to others? Wouldnt be better to clean and clear your life from all that crap? Wouldn`t you be happier?

Maybe things get better if you feel tolerance, love, appreciation and acceptance for all who do not see all the beauty in you. Sometimes it`s a matter of lens, yours and/or theirs. You see, we all get confused and we all take wrong conclusions and all relationships can be misunderstood. We are all all growing! All that is not enough reason to damage ourselves and our lives.

When a negative situation comes, stop, breath and ask yourself: what can i do differently now so i can change this situation? Keep doing it and i assure you, you will start seeing things in other ways and you will see yourself acting differently. You will be amazed with your courage, love and bravery!


Love your enemy

because he allows you

to grow.


Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

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