Oracle of the week #12

What our Guides say: “Live in the present”

The best way to have a future is living in the present

You are thinking to much about your future and while you do it you waste precious life time. the truth is you are no where because if you do not live in the moment and you spend your energy on the future, which has not yet come, you are not really living.

When we think to much about the future is because we are afraid of something and we do not really beleive we are worthy of our best time on this earth. and as you stay on those patterns of disbelief you attrack the same kind of experiences into your life. You attrack what you are vibrating.

As time goes by, life goes by and you are not paying attention to life, to whats near you, to experiences, situations, miracles, nature, yourself and others.

My advise is: stop! breathe, stay tune with the present, observe, notice all the blessings you receive each day, look at others, look at yourself, live!!!

The future is the present, will you notice the future as it turns into present? or will you carrying dreaming about whats far away? Have a great week!


Never lose Hope, My Heart.

Miracles dwell in the Invisible.


Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

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