Oracle of the week #15

Oracle of the week 11.10 to 17.10 What our Guides say "Believe in yourself" Trust in yourself brings a vibratory frequency, to your body and aura, which everyone notices. Even if they don't know what this is about, the truth is, they're sensitive to the energy you emanated. For example, in case you are dealing … Continue reading Oracle of the week #15

Restoring Your DNA

First of all i want to explain that i do not believe we can transform into a complete light-body but i believe more light builds a more healthy, inteligent, sensitive and happy human - the human of the future! So, i hope you understand that human transformation and DNA re-coding is a process which will … Continue reading Restoring Your DNA

Oracle of the week #14

Oracle of the week 10.4 to 10.10 What our Guides say: “Transformation" Guides are saying that change can only happen if you break old patterns. Transform yourself from within and your life will change. We all wish a better life than the one we have and that is normal; is part of evolution. But for … Continue reading Oracle of the week #14