Oracle of the week #14

Oracle of the week 10.4 to 10.10

What our Guides say: “Transformation”

Guides are saying that change can only happen if you break old patterns. Transform yourself from within and your life will change.

We all wish a better life than the one we have and that is normal; is part of evolution. But for that to happen, we need to transform ourselves so the energy shifts and our reality can also shift. To be able to do the work, matters to acknowledge that our present life is a reflection of what we are, what we can create through our vibration. If we maintain the same habits, mental structure and emotional baggage we are in a cycle, creating always the same life, over and over again.

Transformation is part of growing. Through deep transformation everything changes. We open space for the new because we are able to let go of things that are keeping us stuck to past patterns of life.

That`s why healing is important. It makes the future possible! And you do not need to forget your past, just make peace with it and understand the past is an experience which made you what you are and brought you here. You want to keep living and experiencing life; not being stuck on what is no longet present. Life is a continuous flow of energy and that is what you are supposed to do: live.

Start transforming from within, accepting past as it was, blessing what and who you are, releasing what makes you feel frustrated, sad, unhappy, depressed. Stop blaming yourself for doing things as you did and making some bad choices because that was you learning about life and you should see all of that as a lesson that made you strong and wise. Bless yourself and your life, feel worthy and start thinking of what you can start creating. You will see transformation starting and ideas and new feelings arising.


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