If you want to be my student. Depending on your wishes, curiosity and on the spiritual level you are at the moment, i teach you giving you the tools you need to understand each spiritual area. My only wish is to see you blossom in consciousness, sovereignty, freedom and love. Spirituality is a way of living, its our true nature. it is not separate from any other area of your life. To learn it, we perceive the micro and the macro matters of the hidden messages from the divine.

If you want healing. Understand that, although my practices are very powerful, i can only heal you if you comprehend it only works as you follow the process i use of going within and deal with the causes of whatever is upsetting or making you sick. Ultimately no one can do it but yourself.

If you want me to speak to groups, do workshops, seminars, interviews. I have several teaching topics i can address as well as several spiritual programs using the channel of energies to perform meditations, exercises, raising of awareness, healing and relaxation. Feel free to share your ideas and we work from there. Happy to work through internet, phone or in-person . On Portugal where i live and also abroad.

If you have any other matter to address you are welcome as long as you come with full unconditional love.

Send me a direct email:

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