Abundance ~ energy work

Ascending and shifting energetically is always, always about awareness of new consciousness! you, each moment, each day have the power to shift in frequency so you can more easily access another step in the ladder of the DIVINE. The changes you want to see happening on your life are actually and foremost operated by you! … Continue reading Abundance ~ energy work

Inspired action & abundance

Inspired action & abundance True action happens naturally, easily, effortlessly We all know we live on a biological environment which naturally involves movement. That is true! Action is part of of live and this action includes all types of creative abilities, therefore, action is a requirement within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in … Continue reading Inspired action & abundance

The way to abundance is happiness

The way to abundance is happiness The only way to get what you want is to flow with ease, not wait, not wonder, not focus... the only way is that feeling inside that gives you happiness, the only way is to BE. The only way is to be happy before you get it, by knowing, … Continue reading The way to abundance is happiness