Oracle of the week #15

Oracle of the week 11.10 to 17.10 What our Guides say "Believe in yourself" Trust in yourself brings a vibratory frequency, to your body and aura, which everyone notices. Even if they don't know what this is about, the truth is, they're sensitive to the energy you emanated. For example, in case you are dealing … Continue reading Oracle of the week #15

Oracle of the week

Oracle of the week 5.24 to 5.30 What our Guides say: “find someone to walk with” The present moment does not need to be lonely, nor the future. It`s good to create bonds with others. To "need" companionship and share your path with someone is ok. Remember that someone may also need the same. The … Continue reading Oracle of the week

Start today living your tomorrow!

Start today living your tomorrow! There`s not only this day, there will always be future days. And those future days can only be lived and fulfilled if you surrender to life today! The reflections of your creations in this day, show them selves tomorrow! What is you want for your future?! Start now building it, … Continue reading Start today living your tomorrow!


PRIMORDIAL LOVE CREATION MUSHABA ENERGY of LOVE ~ The delegation from the Mushaba People came into the second universe after the creation of it, in order to facilitate the bringing into being of the various beings or species that were to be the first to inhabit the second universe. When Creator came into being for … Continue reading PRIMORDIAL LOVE CREATION